Facts and figures

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For more facts & figures, please look at our Annual Report 2015 >>


In the Netherlands: Foundation
Supervisory Board
Executive Committee
Committee of Recommendation

In Sri Lanka: Trust & NGO
Somawathi Trust in Sri Lanka
Nationwirde NGO


Private aid project. All board members and trustees to work unpaid.

Registration & Recognition

CBF certificate for Charity
ANBI status
Winner Transparency Award 2009 + 2010
NGO-status in Sri Lanka
Best children’s home in South Sri Lanka

Volunteers and professionals

Strengthen on all fronts and with different expertise in the administration.

Fundraising and Overhead

Income excl. interest Overhead in %
2005 : € 2.526.000,- 2005:  0,5%
2006 : €    612.000,- 2006:  1,7%
2007 : €    401.000,- 2007:  2,9%
2008 : €    354.000,- 2008:  4,2%
2009:  €    427.000,- 2009:  2,9%
2010: €     355.000,- 2010:  2,9%
2011: €     247.618,- 2011:  5,6%
2012: €     273.666, 2012:  2,8%
2013: €     232.696,- 2013:  4,3%
2014: €     185.589,- 2014:  5,3%
2015: €     326.000,- 2015:  5,9%

Spent on goal 2005-2015

Construction, infrastructure and operational costs: €. 3.946.334,-

Operational Costs per year

Ca. € 225.000,- per year (Inflation-linked)

Appropiated Reserve

Ultimo 2015 € 2.633.300,- including interest revenues. Needed for the upcoming years and part of the guarantee to the Sri Lankan child protection agency.

Financial Control

Deloitte Nederland
SMJS Deloitte Sri Lanka

Construction management

Twynstra Gudde for tenders and certification of buildings.


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  • E-mail traffic: info@weeshuissrilanka.nl
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Under Sri Lankan leadership on monitoring and financial support from the Netherlands. Focused question; anticipate needs and requirements.


As long as Sri Lanka is in need of childcare. This is discussed annually with local child protection.


-104 resident children under guardianship
-25 care mothers


Creating a loving and safe environment for children run by the local management. Where they can grow and develop into healthy, responsible and educated people of the society; with respect for the culture and traditions.


Somawathi provides perspective for each child through customization and diversity programs. The Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation raises funds to make this possible. The facilities (partly) are also made available to the region.


On a small scale there is cultivation of fruit and vegetables and the sale of homemade art to visitors. Also regularly donations of ‘almsgivings’, where visitors are offered a lunch or meal package. Examining whether it is achievable to generate more income in te coming years.


In the children’s village Somawathi Home support and facilities are offered to:

  • 104 in home children under full guardianship
  • 130 saving accounts with Rs. 500.- per month
  • 100 students from the region attending extra educational programs
  • 45 children attending the Montessori nursery and pre-school
  • 1,500 patients with free medical care
  • 65 local and paid employees


Except for the cooperation with the National Child Protection Agency there are no political connections.


The Foundation and the Somawathi Trust have given a guarantee to the government of Sri Lanka through the National Child Protection Authority to support the in-home children and if necessary also coming generations of children that need institutional care.