Education is of special concern in the Somawathi Home. This has two main reasons: IMG_1013

  1. – Over 80% of resident children suffer from backwardness at school of one or more years because of their background.
  2. – Only 40% of children in Sri Lanka in regular education (Government School) have sufficient marks for their O-level (the level for further learning after they reach the age of 16).

Reason enough for us to start Somawathi Education. Personal development of children is of great importance for their confidence and their future. For catching up backwardness in school, but also to compensate insufficient level of education of regular schools in subjects like English, maths, history, geography and learning to do your homework. Older children also receive a special exam training to prepare them as good as possible for the O-level exams.

Vocational Training, which is the name for specialized education for children who want to learn a craft. These children can choose from:

  • – Woodworking
  • – Gardening and landscaping
  • – Caring for animals
  • – Pottery
  • – Maintening bycycles
  • – Electronics
  • – Batik/textiles operation
  • – Mechanics
  • – Sewing skills
  • – Lace making

ICT – your ticket to the top

There are 25 computers in the computer class-room. From a young age the children are tought how to use them. Starting with ‘ what is a keyboard ‘ and learning letters and numbers. The classes are taught by teachers from the training centre Gateway. The children receive a certificate every year and eventually a certified diploma. Some older children have no difficulty integrating an Excel sheet in a Word document. By means of E-learning the children receive additional education in English and learn to draw up and send emails. “Dear Aunty I am big good” was one of the first mails that we received.

Education for toddlers and pre-schoolers

Education cannot start too early and that’s why we build a special school for toddlers and pre-schoolers on our premises. More than 45 young children from the area attend the Montessori programme. A team consisting of 6 infant teachers learn the children English words, drawing, sticking and cutting. Together they sing songs and practice Sinhalese dancing. After a nutricious lunch the children are picked up by their parents or grandparents.