Financial help for non-resident children

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A group of non-residential children is also part of the Somawathi family. These children live in the area, have lost one or both parents and live in their own community.  This group of children – awarded the custody of to us by the National Child Authority, – is offered monthly financial support, medical and physical support. These children also participate in afterschool education.

Some talented children from the area receive our scholarship and monthly financial support in order to facilitate them to study at a University or Higher Vocational Education elsewhere in the country. Medicines, art, accountancy and law are the studies for which the Dutch Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation provides financial support.

Saving for the future

For every resident and non-resident child we opened a savings account into which we deposit Rs. 500,- (approximately € 3) every month. The children receive this money when they reach the age of 18. The money is meant to build up their own lives, start a business or pay for their study.