Care & Health

In 2007 Somawathi Home established its own medical centre. Medical and dental care is not exclusively offered to residents fotoalbum-medische-zorg-4of Somawathi Home, its staff and their families, but also to people who live in the region.

Facilities of the medical centre consist of consultation of doctors and provide medicines and vaccinations. There’s a lab to execute several tests and dental care is provided for. Since 2013 it also has an eye clinic for optical tests,  where glasses are distributed as well . About 1500 patients from the area use the the facilities of the medical centre free of charge. The medical centre also organizes general and medical instruction programmes.

Dr. Prageetjh Kariyawasam– tandarts

“I practise every Saturday at the Somawathi  medical centre, which has a complete dental centre at its disposal. All children and staff members come to see me twice a year for a check up. I also teach them how to brush their teeth. It’s very nice to see how people take care of their teeth. Extractions and  fillings are relatively rare.”