Adopt 1,000 thumbs of land

The total grounds of the Somawathi Home are 45,000 m2 of land, and every square meter is used for anhelpen-als-bedrijf-adopteer--1000-duim activity. As you can imagine, this large piece of land means that many activities need to be funded every year. You can adopt a piece of land, and in this special way contribute to the operational costs of our children’s village. And because in Sri Lanka a piece of land is calculated in thumbs, we ask you: adopt 1,000 thumbs (24 m2).

We are fully dependent on the financial assistance of the Dutch public and businesses that support us. Sponsors, partners, supporters; all people like you who have a soft spot for the children in Sri Lanka. With your gift, you show your social involvement. At the same time, you know that you are providing the children in the Somawathi Home with a loving home and a secure future.

This thumb on this thumb and that’s how I climb up

We therefore would like to suggest: adopt 1,000 thumbs of land (24m2). You would pay € 2.50 per thumb. Your investment would therefore be the amount of €2,500. Of course, you are welcome to donate any other amount you choose!

Click here and look for the thumbs you wish to adopt! 

art impression 1000 duim grond

You adopt the 1,000 thumbs (or more) for a period of 10 years. Then Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation will then offer up the same 1,000 thumbs after your 10 years for adoption. As an existing sponsor you will, naturally, have the right of ‘first allocation’ after the period of 10 years has passed. If you wish to adopt in name of a company 1,000 thumbs or more, we will happily display your logo on our ‘Supporters’ page.

Individuals, associations, local clubs, schools, service clubs and all other groups that want to adopt a total of 1,000 thumbs of land, may choose how they wish to be listed in the virtual building plan: with a name, a logo or with a ‘private’ street name.  If you would prefer to stay anonymous, that can of course be arranged just as easily. The 1,000 thumbs that you adopt will be labelled simply as ‘allocated’.

If you are interested in the possibility of adopting 1,000 thumbs of land, please contact us today!

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Terms and conditions

You adopt 1,000 thumbs (or more) for a period of 10 years. The Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation can, after this 10  year period has expired, offer the same 1,000 thumbs to another individual for a subsequent 10 years for adoption. As an existing sponsor you will, after your 10 years has expired, have a right of ‘first allocation’. The adopted 1,000 thumbs of land is non-negotiable, nor transferable. The adoption of 1,000 thumbs of land should not be considered a valid title to transfer of the ownership of the piece of land. In addition, no delivery Act will take place to transfer any kind of ownership.

The adoption extends only to the provision of a donation by the sponsor. On the donation and the relationship that this creates, Dutch law is applicable. Donation amount payment will take place after registration . Thereafter, the sponsor will provide a logo or image to be published on the website. Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation reserves the explicit right to remove a logo or image from the website, without prior notice to or consent of the sponsor.

Individuals, associations, local clubs, schools, service clubs, elderly homes and all other groups are entitled and more than welcome to support with a total of 1,000 thumbs of land. If desired, they can be listed by name, logo or street name in the virtual building plan. Anonymous support, without the mention of a specific name, is also possible. The 1,000 thumbs that you adopt will be labelled simply as ‘allocated’. The total number of 1,000 thumbs of land to be adopted is not maximized.