Adopt a plate, cup or bed

In joining our financial adoption plan, you will support us every month with a fixed amount and you will be informed of exactly how your money is being spent. This provides you with an even more fun and engaging option than being ‘just’ a sponsor. Of course, we would be extremely grateful if you chose to adopt both a cup and a bed. We are delighted with each sponsorship; the children in Sri Lanka say already: “Bohoma Stuti!” or “thank you!”

Some of our sponsors want to know why there is no option of ‘adopting’ a particular child. This is a very conscious decision on our party. A child, who is placed under our custody, can sometimes be reunited with family members. This in turn frees up a place for another child. That is why we have chosen for this financial adoption plan enabling us to financially support the Somawathi Home-community each month.

If you choose this monthly financial adoption plan, the amount will be deducted from your bank account via direct debit every month. All you have to do now is to choose which item you wish to adopt, fill out the form and send it. We’ll do the rest.