Donate solar cells for € 5,- per cell!

And contribute to clean energy for the Somawathi Home!

In the Somawathi Home an amount of € 13,000 is spent annually on electricity.
A significant expense we wish to reduce by installing solar panels which is also good for the environment!
A one-time expenditure that in the long run can create an income by returning electricity to the grid of the Sri Lankan Electricity Board. With an investment of 4 million Rupees (± € 25,000) we want to install 72 solar panels with an average yield of 20.2 Kwp. 

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Will you contribute to our sustainability?

In total 4,320 solar cells will be installed at the price of € 5 per solar cell.
By donating one or more solar cells you will contribute to cheap and clean energy.On the barometer you can follow the score.