Give an original present

 –  A gift that does well!  – 100% originality guaranteed! – You help the 104 orphaned and abandoned children from the Somawathi Home!

With these surprising gifts you cannot go wrong. You can give a loved one a unique gift, while at the same time helping the children from the Somawathi Home. A sure winner!

Sponsor a meal

Almsgiving is a heart-warming tradition in Sri Lanka: on a special occasion or Memorial Day, for example to remember the death of a parent or on a wedding day, one treats the less fortunate to a meal. If you have something to celebrate you can also donate meals to the children of the Somawathi Home. And we make sure that they get a nice perk, for example an ice cream for dessert. Likewise, if you don’t have a special occasion to celebrate, but you just want to show that you care about the children in the Somawathi Home, you can donate a meal or gift-giving to loved ones that do have something to celebrate, such as a birthday, a baptism, a wedding day or a birth.

Lunch € 75,-
Breakfast, lunch and diner € 160,-


New school items

In January the new school year starts Sri Lanka. For our children, “Back to school”-time, when they need new school items: a school’s uniform, new school shoes and socks, but also a bag, notebooks and textbooks. Will you help our children with new school items at the start of the new school year? You would make them very proud!

You can choose from:
A set of new notebooks and textbooks – € 5,-
A new schoolbag – € 7.50,-
A brand-new school uniform – € 15,-
New school shoes and socks – € 10,-

Give the book ‘An orphanage in Sri Lanka’ as a present

The day after the Tsunami (Boxing Day 2004), Marja van Leeuwen travelled to the disaster area in southern Sri Lanka with 24 boxes of medication. On the 30th of December, she returned to the Netherlands with a dream: to build an orphanage in Sri Lanka. In this book she tells her story: a compelling story about the establishment of the Somawathi Home. An enthralling read.


Birthday calender

Our children would like to offer you some of their most beautiful drawings! They can all be found in this cheerful birthday calendar, along with a selection of the most beautiful pictures of the children from the Somawathi Home. The classic birthday calendar is carried out in three languages: Dutch, English and Sinhalese.

Art for sale

Artist mrs. Marguerita Hamer-Monod de Froideville has painted two paintings and illustrated a children’s book for Charity Orphanage Sri Lanka. The earnings of the paintings of the children’s book will be for the benefits of our charity.

  • Glory of flowers: A colorfull bouquet of flowers based on oil paint, 30 x 30 cm, € 250,- (incl. frame, excl. shipping costs). Watch the painting here >
  • Happy clowns: A happy painting based on oil paint, 35 x 26 cm. € 150,- (incl. frame, excl. shipping costs). Watch the painting here >
  • Children’s book Juultje’s friends; all little bells: A charming illustrated children’s book, written and provided with nice children’s drawings by artist mrs. Marguerita Hamer-Monod de Froideville for € 19,95 (excl. Shipping costs). The book is published in a blue colour (for boys) and pink (for girls).Watch the children’s book here >