Help as a company

Help us to help! As a company you will value corporate social responsibility. We offer you the possibility to meet this with a labelled donation for our children’s village Somawathi Home. This means that you know exactly on what your money is spent. You can choose from labelled donations for livelihood, education, medical care, sports, culture and recreation, infrastructure or general facilities. Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donations to see all the possibilities in detail.

To help as a company = helping us to realise our mission

Sponsorpropositie Weeshuis Sri Lanka

The development and guidance of our children is a process of years. Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation is committed to provide all the care and guidance needed to help the children to stand on their own feet by the time they turn 18. Help us to fulfil our mission!

To be able to guarantee the continuity of the Somawathi Home, each year € 225,000 is needed. For this we are completely dependent on donations from individuals and business alike. With a labelled donation you are sure that you contribute to the continuity of the children’s village and to a safe future for our children. 

Will you take the step?

We love to visit you and personally discuss the possibilities of labelled donations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us!


Annually we spend €55,000 on education; not only for the children who live at the orphanage, but also for children from the region, who may participate at no cost to them. The classes vary from carpentry and computer lessons to Montessori education for toddlers and pre-schoolers from the area. This gives their parents the opportunity to be employed in a full-time job. If you adopt one of the educational programs, you are investing in a better future for all of these children!

Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donations.

Doneer als bedrijf eten, drinken en kleding aan Stichting Weeshuis Sri Lanka

Food, drinks & clothing

Every day, a great many mouths need to be fed. For basic necessities such as food, drinks and clothing, we need €70,000 every year. You can choose from defined options: breakfast, lunch, dinner, casual clothing, school uniforms, school shoes and sportswear.

Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donation.

Medical care

Somawathi Medical offers medical care to the Somawathi Home children, to the staff and their families, as well as to hundreds of people from the area. The medical care varies from free GP consults to medication and vaccinations. In addition, there is a laboratory for carrying basic medical test and we offer dental care. About 1,500 patients make use of our free medical post. The total cost to operate the medical post amounts to €27,500 per year.

Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donation.


Sports, culture and recreation

Sports, games, recreation and culture play an important role in the healthy lifestyle of our children. The sports field is used extensively by the kids, especially for the national sport – cricket. There are also regular organised bike rides and walks. In addition, our children can learn to swim in the sea and there is great attention to traditional dance and music – the children even have their own band! On Sunday, some of the children attend the temple school. The total cost for sports, culture and recreation amounts to €9,500 on an annual basis, and you can assist with an ‘adoption’.

Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donation.


To be able to provide good care, good infrastructure is essential. To provide all 20 living pavilions of clean drinking water, we use a private water tower with a pump and treatment plant. Because Sri Lanka has power cuts daily, the children’s village has its own power generator. Every day, the washing machines operate at full speed; In tropical conditions, the towels, bed linen, school uniforms and clothing have to be washed every day. The phone and internet charges are another part of the infrastructural costs and needs. Every year we spend €29,000 to use and maintenance all of these facilities, which you can select and adopt one by one.

Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donation.

General facilities

Last, but certainly not least, we have costs for the maintenance of the buildings (particularly due to the humid climate), security, insurance, the salaries for the care mothers and the savings books for the children, so that they have their funds with which they can stand on their own feet. Have a look at the individual adoption opportunities in our sponsor propositions and choose whichever most appeals to you!

Download our sponsor proposition for labelled donation.