A worthwile donation

Did you know that you can even get tax relief when you donate to Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation? A recurring donation, regardless of the amount, is fully deductible from your income tax. Another reason to help the children of the Somawathi Home…

A recurring donation can be a lot more attractive to you than a one-off gift. A pre-requisite of the tax relief is a recurring donation of the same amount for a minimum of 5 years to Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation. This needs to be recorded in a private written agreement.

Advantages of recurring donations

  • Your donation is fully tax deductible.
  • With your financial support you contribute for a minimum of five years to the work of Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation, and to the realization of our long term vision.
  • To effectuate the deed you don’t need to go to a solicitor. You can simply send the signed agreement to Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation and we will take care of the rest.
Een schenking is kinderspel

What should you do?

Download the Agreement Recurring Donation (PDF) here. Complete the agreement, print the completed agreement, sign it and send it by post to:

Stichting Weeshuis Sri Lanka
Postbus 82261
2508 EG  Den Haag

We will complete the agreement for you and return it to you within three weeks. You can then submit the agreement with your annual tax return for the deduction of your donation.

ANBISticker Anbi

Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation is officially classified by the tax authorities as a General Charitable Institution (ANBI). As a result, gifts and donations from individuals and businesses are tax deductible.

P.S. Your solicitor can advise you further about special gifts to charities as Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation. For general questions about inheritances you can go to your own solicitor, but you can also call the Solicitor phone (0900-3469393). For more information consult www.notaris.nl.

Testamenttest.nl is an informative website for information and advice concerning donations, deeds and a will.

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