Management and staff

The Somawathi Education programme is attended by

  • – 104 children living in the Somawathi Home.
  • – 100 pupils from the area

A team of 24 parttime teachers takes care of the lessons, syllabuses and purchase all tools needed  in consultation with the management. The education specialist, who is employed by Somawathi Education, advises and  supervises the children in accordance with the child-follow plan.

Education in Sri Lanka

Nowadays primary education in Sri Lanka takes six years. After primary school pupils follow secondary school which takes five years (the children then are approximately 16 years old). All secondary school pupils finish with an exam for the General Certificate of Education Ordinary (GCE-O, or O-levels). Pupils who reach the O-level can attend senior secondary education that is closed with the Advanced General Certificate Education (GCE-A or A-levels). Only students with A-level may try to go to University. Those who are not admitted to one of the universities can get higher vocational education or work as a trainee employed by businesses or government. Regular education is far from sufficient and only 40 % of the children reach O-level. (Source: Save the Children)

Rumesh – resident of the Somawathi Home

“I’m one of the first children who came to live here. I have lived in Somawathi Home for more than 10 years. Many lessons are taught here. Pottery, carpentry, dance, making music, e-learning and much more. I love gardening and maintaining my own little garden every day. Everything that I grow I sell to the cooks in the kitchen and all that money goes into my savings account for when I will be grown up.”

Pupils – Somawathi Montessori Preschool

“Together with 45 pre-school children and toddlers we attend our lessons at the Montessori School on the premises of Somawathi Home every day. We all got school uniforms, shoes and socks. In school we learn English songs, cutting and sticking en we dance. Each day we receive a meal before our mothers come to pick us up.”

Schoolhoofd van Dharmika College

Headmaster of Dharmika College

“My school has more than 600 pupils. Besides the regular education I value teamspirit and physical exercise very much. Every year our school organizes a big sportsevent in which all pupils participate. It’s very clear that the Somawathi Home children are in a really good condition, as they win a lot of awards.”