Organise an event

Organise an event: start your own event for the children in the Somawathi Home!

Are you a star in baking brownies, running, cycling and or swimming or sell (homemade) stuff? Start you own event for Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation and raise money for our children in the Somawathi Home!

The proceeds of each event, no matter how small or large, is extremely valuable to us. So together we can make our dream come true and make sure that all our children will look forward to a secure future and can stand on their own feet. So if you’re good at something, start your own event for our children in the Somawathi Home. You can do it on your own, but you can also ask others to join; think about people in your street, the sports club or at the school of your (Grand) children. Everywhere are partners to be found. And let us know if you organize an event; together we are stronger! You can also email us if you have any questions or if you want to invite one of our ambassadors.

Inspiring tips

If you are now wondering what you can put together to raise money, we have a few tips.

Be inspired »

  • Organize a Somawathi Home-lunch at work (with special snacks and maybe a presentation on our orphanage; you can also show our TV spot, photos and videos show).
  • Special activities at the school of your (Grand) children. Consult with the teachers first. Can the Somawathi Home be the subject of a week closure? A special mini-Somawathi Home-run for children and parents?
  • Turn birthdays and other memorable days into Somawathi Home-days. For example: a walk, a bike ride, a boat ride; on the way everybody is informed about the orphanage and the children. Registration fee: for the Somawathi Home.
  • As a birthday gift or on other occasions ask for an additional contribution for Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation.
  • Faces painting at street fairs, a stall on a market, hang special, homemade posters in the Hall of the local library or other public place (the school of your children, the waiting room of your GP and dentist, at work). Fun actions with Christmas, New Year, Kings Day and other festive occasions.
  • A karaoke party.
  • Barbecue, cake baking event, breakfast for the neighbours.
  • Somawathi Home- Friday afternoon cocktails and snacks in the neighbourhood or at work.
  • Bake pancakes or brownies (or something else) and sell at the market.
  • A cartoon artist in your circle of friends? Always popular. Everyone likes to pay 5, 10 or 20 euros for that at a fair or open air festival.
  • Organize a salsa or other (dance) workshop during lunch break at work. Participants pay for instance € 5 or € 7.50 for a try out session of half an hour. Make photos and post them on Facebook, spread the word!
  • Organize with permission form your boss the next few weeks a permanent casual day; for example, everyone can come to work in casual dress every Friday by paying € 5. Fix the Fridays on which this applies well in advance and let everyone pay in advance as much as possible.
  • For men only: shave for the good cause. The male colleagues can have a shave (by the female colleagues?) for a payment during lunch break. They may, of course, appear unshaven at work that day.
  • Organize rice & curry evening (the traditional meal in Sri Lanka). Sell entry tickets of which part of the proceeds will cover the evening expenses and the other part will be donated to the Somawathi Home. During this evening you can actively ask for donations and walk around with a donation box.
  • Do you play an instrument or play in a band? Organize an informal concert evening and sell entry tickets. Ask that night everyone (one by one) for a Somawathi Home contribution.
  • Organize with a colleague or friend a ‘garage sale’; excellent opportunity to clear out the attic. Alternative: turn it into an auction. Everybody contribute with an abject for the auction, at the same time they are the ones to bid on the objects of others.
  • Ask your boss if the proceeds of the coffee machine can go to the Somawathi Home donation box for one or several weeks.
  • Be creative! Investigate if there are friends or colleagues who are good at something and consider how you can interest these people to organize a fun action. Call for help. You might be surprised by the hidden talents and creativity of the people you know!
  • Make it a contest! Organize teams within your company or association who each try to raise as much money as possible for the Somawathi Home. The winning team gets a nice price. Team building was never so much fun 
  • Ask the manager of your grocery store if you may place a box for the receipts of the empty bottles to donate to the Somawathi Home.

These people have done it already

Sun Salutations for the Orphans

On 24 September 2011 Global Mala was celebrated in Cuijk celebrated under the motto “sun salutation for orphans ‘. Thanks to the involvement of Ambassador Joke Stange and the commitment of the Centre de Bron, Global Mala was a big event. Various activities were organized and raised the wonderful contribution of € 587.

Dutch New Year Cakes for Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation 2009

On 12 December 2009 Joop and Jeanine Kühn from Hoek van Holland organized their annual New Year cakes event. In just one day they managed to bake and sell 1,600 cakes. Tired but very satisfied Joop and Jeanine started to count the proceedings as soon as they came home and after deducting the costs the fantastic amount of € 1,077.45 was raised for the children of the Somawathi Home. With a remaining amount, left over from last year, Joop and Jeanine could do a fantastic job again for the children’s village.

Sponsors run Primary School Bloemendaal

In June all the children attending the Primary School Bloemendaal have organized a sponsors run together with their teacher Karin van der Noordaa. With great enthusiasm and lots of efforts the students have raised the huge amount of € 5,119! Fantastic, how fast you’ve run! Thanks very much!

1000 Harts Project

Ida Kuipers had the plan to travel in December 2009 to the Somawathi Home and wanted to organize a present for each and every child (of course with consent of the Foundation). She started to work and made as many as 1,000 felted hearts that she sold for € 5 each. The proceeds (minus the material costs) went entirely to the children. A fantastic and beautiful initiative, thank you Ida!

Half Marathon Vlieland

On Sunday 9 August 2009 our loyal volunteer Marian Oosterbaan manned a stall during the Stortemelk Half Marathon of Vlieland. She brought our Foundation to the attention of many visitors and managed to raise at least € 900 with the sales of several items. Marian travelled in September that year to the Somawathi Home and donated the amount locally. Marian, thank you so much for your relentless efforts!

Coins action

On Sunday 9 August 2009 our loyal volunteer Marian Oosterbaan manned a stall during the Stortemelk Half Marathon of Vlieland. She brought our Foundation to the attention of many visitors and managed to raise at least € 900 with the sales of several items. Marian travelled in September that year to the Somawathi Home and donated the amount locally. Marian, thank you so much for your relentless efforts!

Action Achmea raises € 1.000

The sales team of Achmea has organized a campaign for our Foundation. They had to sign up at least 1,000 new customers; this action raised € 1,000. Former Board member Marja Duivestein was invited to receive the cheque.

Rotary Zoetermeer donates € 1.000

After giving a presentation at the Rotary Zoetermeer on February 25, 2009 we, thanks to the efforts of our Member of the Supervisory Board, Mr W.A. Boone, received a cheque receipt of € 1,000!

‘The challenge’ at Primary school Jeroen Bosch

Hajar, Lotte, Wouter en Max from grade 6/7 of the Primary School Jeroen Bosch in Rosmalen have participated in the project ‘The Challenge’ at their school. With this project students can perform their dream in three days during school time. Their dream was to organize an afternoon with games at the school playground to raise money for orphans in Sri Lanka. With their dream they raised € 285. A fantastic result. Hajar, Lotte, Wouter and Max, thank you very much!

Jeanine Kühn: ‘Ik walk for Somawathi’

Jeanine Kühn from Hoek van Holland walked in 2008 for the fifth time the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse. With the motto “I walk for Somawathi”, Jeanine had herself sponsored by family, neighbours, friends, acquaintances, shopkeepers and companies all for the benefit of Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation. Her initiative has totalled the amount of € 3,472! Fantastic!

Rowing marathon

Isabel, Laura, Rosalie and Leontien have rowed the 100 km Ringvaart Rowing Regatta for the orphanage and raised over € 3,000 in donations! Against strong winds across the Kaag Lake and a broken rudder, they crossed the finish in Delft after 14 hours of rowing. Many thanks, you’re great!

Empty bottles action Albert Heijn

Branch manager Ad Mathijssen of Albert Heijn ensures that various AH-branches in the country have donation boxes where customers can donate their empty bottles-receipt. This amounts each year to more than € 10,000 euros. Ad you deserve a special medal!