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Sajith – on my own two feetsajith

“I am one of the first boys who left the Somawathi Home when becoming 18 years old. I started to work as a barkeeper in a nearby restaurant where I have a good salary and a share each month in the tips of the guests. This allows me to rent a room and I have been able to buy a bicycle. I visit the Somawathi Home each Sunday to see my friends. And when I have a question how I best can deal with a situation the staff of the Home is there to help me.”

Tanuja – Trainee Koggala Beach Hoteltanuja

“After my O-levels I went to the hotel school where I chose the subject Housekeeping. I am not a quick learner but I would love to work as a chambermaid in a hotel. Hotel Koggala Beach has offered me a traineeship and also allows me to help out in the restaurant. The guests are very kind and help me to improve my English by teaching me lots of English words. I often get a tip.”

Isanka – keukenhulpIsanka

“Things did not work out well for me at school. I often fell asleep during lessons and my school results were bad. The manager of the Somawathi Home had a talk with me and took me off school. Now I help the cooks of the kitchen of the Somawathi Home by cutting vegetables and bring tea to the staff of the Home. As of next year, when I become 15, I am allowed to work as trainee in the kitchen of a hotel.”