• 104 resident children under guardianship

  • 10 non-resident children in after school day-care centre

  • 135 saving accounts with Rs. 500, - (about € 3, -) per month

  • 100 students from the region for educational programs

  • 22 children at the Montessori Kindergarten

  • 23 toddlers at the Montessori nursery school

  • 1500 patients for free medical care

  • 65 local, paid employees (including part-time teachers)

What does the Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation do?

A loving and safe home

First and foremost Somawathi Home is a loving and safe home for the 104 children we have in our care. Here they can grow and develop into healthy, responsible and educated people of the society with respect for the culture and traditions.

In total the Somawathi Home has 20 pavilions. In each pavilion there are up to 8 children living with a care mother. On our site we have all kinds of facilities to operate as efficiently as possible such as water supplies, a power generator, a central kitchen and classrooms.


Because the quality of public education (Government School) in Sri Lanka is not that good, we started an additional education: Somawathi Education. This is both for our own children in Somawathi Home as well as for children from the region. The overall development of the children is very important for their confidence and for their future. Somawathi Education covers a wide range of teaching and learning at different levels and for different age groups. Find out more about our education.

Assistance to the region

What started in 2005 as a project for children affected by the tsunami has become much more than just an orphanage. Somawathi is now a children’s village with a regional function. Children from the area can go to the Montessori preschool and nursery on site, there are after-school computer classes for older children in the area and the people in the region can make use of our medical centre with a doctor, dentist, laboratory, pharmacy and eye clinic. Here you can read more about our assistance to the region.


It is our primary task as a foundation to raise enough money each year, to ensure the continuity of the loving care of the children in the Somawathi Home. Furthermore, the Somawathi Home offers every child perspective through tailored mentoring and diversity programs. The facilities offered (partly) are also made available to the region. We raise funds to keep making this possible.