Set up a Charitable Trust

Everyone can set u a Charitable Trust

Everyone – private individuals, companies and organisations – can set up a Doe een periodieke giftcharitable trust. The advantage? You can decide yourself on which purpose your donation is spent, as long as it fits within the aims of the Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation. For instance, you could choose to further the children’s education, or perhaps you would prefer to have your donation spent on medical care or the structural facilities in the Somawathi Home. And you have don’t have to worry about a thing, because we manage and spend your money as in the terms of your agreement with us.

With a ‘Charitable Trust’ with Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation you have your own Trust Fund without all the administrative obligations involved in setting up a foundation. You can personally decide on the name of your Trust and determine the amount you would like to donate to the Trust. A Charitable Trust is possible from €15,000.

You can organize your Charitable Trust in three different ways:

  • with a one-time gift
  • with a notarial deed
  • with a testamentary disposition

Your agreement will be set up together with Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation to create a ‘Charitable Trust’. This will stipulate how and when your gift will be spent. You can decide how long your ‘Charitable Trust’ will exist, and the deadline by which the total sum of the Trust should be spent. Depending on your chosen form, you will additionally arrange with the solicitor a deed or testamentary disposition. A one-time gift does not carry these requirements.

Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation manages and spends your money as agreed with you and will not invest or speculate with your Fund. You will receive a yearly transparent report.

Fiscal advantages for a Charitable Trust

If you set up a Charitable Trust during your lifetime, it can result in tax benefits for you. Subject to conditions, the donated amount is deductible from your taxable income. The tax authorities will pay a third to a half of the amount of your Charitable Trust. In addition, the full amount will benefit your Charitable Trust because the Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation does not have to pay tax on the donation.


If you have any questions regarding setting up of a Charitable Trust, please get in touch with us.  We will answer all your questions and of course like to discuss the possibilities personally with you.


Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation is officially classified by the tax authorities as General Charitable Institution (ANBI).
As a result, gifts and donations from individuals and businesses are tax deductible.


Your solicitor can advise you further about special gifts to charities as Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation. For general questions about inheritances you can go to your own solicitor, but you can also call the Solicitor phone (0900-3469393). For more information consult is an informative website for information and advice concerning donations, deeds and a will.